Saturday, February 5, 2011

some things just never change...

i'm not good in dealing with changes...
i'll either put on a blind eye or avoid it altogether.

at this age, i know that i'm not suppose to act like this...
but yesterday, i discovered that some things will never change...
for example, family.

like always...
coming home for the holidays, my lil sis and I always cook some midnight snack.
munchies, for when we watched our long-awaited program on TV.
Last night...was spicy, tuna-sandwich with cheese and chocolate lava from secret recipe.
herm...'heavy' huh?
yep, i can totally see that when i get on the scale. LOL^^

Dad was reading the newspaper in the living room.
Mom was watching us cook (lil sis doing all the cooking actually...LOL).
She sat at the bottom of the stairs with me, munching away cheese which at first, she refused.
Mom always like that...she refuses then, suddenly, the cake you saved in the fridge, magically disappeared.

We talked and we joked around.
Dad, Mom, Lil Sis and me.
I've missed this scene...
I took advantage of the moment getting everybody to laugh by ridiculing lil sis.
sorry, na...hahhahah...LOL
I took them all down memory lane...
Laughing at the things which was once totally not funny.
We laughed at Mom and her usual 'craziness' which Dad always ended up as the victim.

We laughed openly like friends at a gathering.
We also look forward to the future - discussing lil sis departure for Japan next year.
That was good...a promise hung for more memories and stories to share and laugh about in the future.

i'm glad...
some things just never change.
so, i'm loving life even more. ^^


Ermayum said...

precious moment - love and appreciate them while they are still here - because later your love seems never enough - i lost my dad about 2 weeks ago :(

a lot of memories keep coming back nowadays

moonshin said...

Sorry Ermayum, my condolences....
i'll remember your advice.