Wednesday, January 12, 2011

words...unspoken - hurt.

I was reprimanded by my sister yesterday.
Obviously, I needed it.
I didn’t know that the situation got so bad when I left home.
Her words made me pick up the phone and called Mom,
To say... I’m sorry.

I noticed that...again...
Words have power.
Things wouldn’t have gone so bad if I could just say what is on my mind...
I’m sure then, Mom would have understand and listened.
Most of the time, we did this to ourselves
Expecting others to know our words without us, telling them.

Most of the time,
Words go, unspoken.
What’s left is the feeling of being wronged and alienated.

Now I know...and I think you know too...
That this is the truth.

Don’t just stop
With the words stuck in your throat...
Don’t stop without you even really try.
Say what is on your mind...

It’ll be okay...
those who really cared, will listen.


Ermayum said...

sebab culture kita tak biasa cakap lepas semua simpan but now byk dah berubah - but memang selalu we thought people know or we assume thing and for that kita selalu salah tafsir

moonshin said...

yes...i agree...I want to start with simple things first. like i want to be able to say i love you back to my mom n dad. Usually, i just, 'herm...' or i used sms... im a bad daugther huh? i'll work harder.