Sunday, June 21, 2009

my everydays in indonesia... (day 2)

11th May, 2009.
Monday: First day in Gontor Putri 1 – visiting KMI

5.00 am:
We woke up precisely 5.00 am in the morning so as not to be late for our 6.00 o’clock appointment with Ustazah Rosma. For your information, 6.00 am in the morning is like 8.00 am in Malaysia - the sun, astonishingly is already out at this hour. We went for a walk around the school. Then, we had some breakfast at the cafeteria. The noodles here are actually instant noodles. So…we had instant noodles for breakfast. Funny isn’t it? And not to mention, downright weird?

9.00 am:
The Ustazahs here are all so kind and so helpful. They are too kind to the point where we felt embarrassed and ashamed with ourselves. Although we insisted on walking to KMI(one of school's block) ourselves, they still fetched us at Wisma before going there. it's only like 100m's absurd, isn't it?

Upon arriving at KMI, we were introduced to Ustazah Fitri and Ustazah Richa to explain about the academic sector in Gontor Putri 1. i was shocked to learn that Fitri is 2 years younger than about a blow to the heart! Oh well...what's the big deal, i've been told that i have a baby face? hahahahahahah....just joking =)

8.00 pm:
Since, their hospitality is too great and far more than we deserved, the four us vowed to be useful for the remaining days of our stay here. We spent the rest of the day discussing about the report – preparing questions for the next interview session, ideas for our activities here, lesson plan and also a rough draft of our report.

10.30 pm:
Fast asleep in bed - like a rock. zzzzzzzz


Delwyn said...

Hi Moonshin

are you in a rural area or urban setting at this school?

Were you actually teaching or assessing/reporting? I am trying to get a picture of what your 5 week posting entailed.

Happy days

moonshin said...

rural area. i did a little of everything; teaching, assessing and also researching.

well...for most of the time, working on the research i guess. teaching and assessing.... only occasionally.

but the satisfaction of teaching... is the one thing that i could never important part of my memory.

i'm planning to go to Korea next year. hope the plan will go on smoothly =)

Miss Nadiah said...


What a journey.

Soda gembira? Did you feel happy after drinking it?

And, cant imagine Saf with a babyface....:P

moonshin said...

hahhahahhah...very funny =p

it tasted kinda nice...after you get used to it that is. =)

QuE^9^ said...

Hurmmm... My parents also said that the food there is a lil bit weird but I guess if you go overseas, the food will always be weird as we are not used to it.